My dad, Wendell L. Hyer moved to Idaho in 1950.

He brought with him a grandson with bloodlines to  “Man of War”.

He farmed and raised horses.

Dad had an eye for horses and they responded well to him.

In the 60’s, his two sons, Mike and George, became old enough to rope.


We trained and raised our own grade rope horses through 70’s.

Some were Mustangs right out of the Owyhee Mountains.

We then wanted to look for AQHA registered horses to start our own bloodlines on the Hyer Ranch.

In 1982 we found a young filly that met our requirements.  The three of us went together and purchased her.  This was our first AQHA registered filly out of Yen & Pokey’s Mount

We then crossed her with a son of “Skip a Star”.

Our goal was to produce the halter look with a performance horse. She produced the finest horse colt that we could have wished for. We called him Bud, AQHA registered name was “Skipa Star King”


We started picking up foundation bloodlines.

  • Mark Quincy Dan
  • Sonny Dee Bar
  • Driftwood
  • Freeway Foxy
  • King
  • Chicks Beduino
  • Pokey’s Mount
  • Ima Cougar
  • and several other foundation stock to cross with Bud.

We now have the halter look with a performance horse.  Our horses are big and athletic. They are sold as rope horses and arena horses.

We encourage you to look through our bloodlines.